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Vectrix - Electric Std Scooter 07-08

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Bike Description and General information
Regenative Braking

Service Infromation
Tyre Pressure Front Bar / psi : 2.2 / 32
Tyre Pressure Back Bar / psi : 2.8 / 40

Vectrix Electric Std Scooter 07-08 Parts & Accessories

Front Disc
Rear Disc
Seat Height 774 mm
Wheelbase 1525 mm
Wet Weight 234 kgs
Dry Weight 210 kgs
Voltage 125 volt
Battery 30 amp/hour 3.7 kw
Type Brushless DC, radial air-gap motor
Transmission Coaxial integrated rear-wheel mounted planetary gear drive
Motorcycle Style Scooter
Exhaust Zero Emission
Frame light weight Aluminium
Place of Manufacture Poland
Top Speed 62 mph (100 km/h)
Fuel Consumption Range 35-55 miles per charge
Max Torque 65 nm
Max Power Output 20.2 kW
Front 120/70-14
Rear 140/60-13

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