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The Yamaha Story

Yamaha was founded in 1887 as a manufacturer of musical instruments. During World War II the company diversified into armament manufacture. After the war they used this machinery to manufacture small two-stroke motorcycles, and with a more and more successful motorcycle business, the Yamaha Motor Company was formed in 1955.

Yamaha has produced many ground-breaking, innovative and iconic motorcycles during the last half-century. Today Yamaha is the second largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world, also producing ATVs, snowmobiles and engines for marine craft.

Yamaha FS1e

The Yamaha FS1e ‘fizzy’ was one of the 70s’ most famous sports mopeds. Produced between 1972 and 1980, the FS1e was many a 16-year-old’s dream. Until 1977, when the UK government introduced a 30 mph speed restriction, the unrestricted model could reach around 45 mph and return nearly 100 mpg.

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Yamaha has produced a range of long-wheelbase cruisers from 125cc right up to 1100cc – the most popular of which is the XVS650. Combining a rigid rear end with a monoshock suspension system for the seats, a Yamaha DragStar looks every bit a traditional cruiser, but with real comfort for the rider and passenger.

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Yamaha DT

One of the manufacturer’s undisputed classics, the Yamaha DT range has run for over 30 years – from the DT-1’s launch in 1968, to the mid-2000s. The launch started the world boom in off-road bikes, also known as trail bikes, that would lead to Yamaha manufacturing over 400,000 of the iconic 250cc DT-1, alone.

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