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The Kawasaki Story

The Kawasaki Company was formed in 1924, initially building aircraft engines. In 1949 they started producing engines that could be used in motorcycles. Some five years later, in 1954, Kawasaki launched a range of motorcycles branded as Meihatsu, a subsidiary of Kawasaki Aircraft Co. The first Kawasaki branded motorcycle did not appear until 1962.

The first Kawasaki to grab people’s attention was the 1969, H1 a middleweight 2-stroke triple of 500cc, with which Kawasaki went on to dominate the fledgling superbike market for most of the seventies.

Kawasaki Triple Models

Between 1969 and 1980 (1976 in the US), a series of Kawasaki Triple models were based around an unconventional engine. Each featured a three-cylinder air-cooled engine. Easily and cheaply modified, the Kawasaki Triple became a cornerstone of the drag racing scene in the US. And in Europe, the 1972 S-1 became very popular as a budget superbike.

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Kawasaki ZZR1100

Launched in 1990, the Kawasaki ZZR 1100 was the first of the big sports tourers, at the time the fastest bike on the road. Some people called the ZZR 1100 a hyperbike with good reason. Despite its size, weight and power it lives up to its reputation as a comfortable and easy ride.

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Kawasaki ZX7-R

Produced between 1996 and 2003, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX7-R was the manufacturer’s way of making a racing-type superbike available for road use. The 749cc in-line four cylinder four-stroke engine took the bike to over 160 mph (more than 255 km/h). For the eight years of its production, the bike remained unchanged, a clear indication of Kawasaki having the right vision for the time.

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Please Select An Engine Range
126 - 250cc 751 - 1000cc Over 1000cc 501 - 750cc 0 - 125cc 251 - 500cc
0 - 125cc
AE 50 A1/A2 81-82(Limited Information)
AR 50 A1/C2-C10 81-97
KDX 50 A1/A2/A3 03-05
KFX 50 (KSF 50 A1/A2/A3) 03-05
KSR1 (KMX 50 B1/B2) 90-91(No Information Yet)
KXF 50 (KSF 50 B7F/B8F) 07-08(No Information Yet)
KX 60 A1/A2 83-84(Limited Information)
KX 60 B1-B19 85-03
KX 65 A1-A2 00-01(Limited Information)
KX 65 A3-A6 02-05(Limited Information)
KX 65 A6F/A7F/A8F/A9F 06-09
KX 65 AAF 10
KX 65 ABF 11(No Information Yet)
KX 65 ADF 13(No Information Yet)
KX 65 AEF 14(No Information Yet)
KX 65 AFF 15(No Information Yet)
KX 65 AFG 16(No Information Yet)
AE 80 A1 81-82(Limited Information)
AE 80 A1 (German Market) 81-82(No Information Yet)
AE 80 B1 81-82(Limited Information)
AR 80 A1 81-92
AR 80 A1 (German Market) 81-82(No Information Yet)
AR 80 C1-C5 81-87
AR 80 C6-C9 88-92(No Information Yet)
KD 80 N1 88(No Information Yet)
KD 80 N2/N3 89-90(No Information Yet)
KFX 80 (KSF 80 A1/A2/A3/A6F) 03-06(No Information Yet)
KSR II( KMX 80 B1/B2) 90-91(No Information Yet)
KX 80 B1/B2 79-80(Limited Information)
KX 80 D1 81(Limited Information)
KX 80 D2 82-83(No Information Yet)
KX 80 E1 83(Limited Information)
KX 80 E2 84(Limited Information)
KX 80 E3 85(Limited Information)
KX 80 G1/G2 86-87(Limited Information)
KX 80 J1/J2 86-87(Limited Information)
KX 80 L1 88(Limited Information)
KX 80 L2/L3 89-90(Limited Information)
KX 80 N2/N3 88-90(Limited Information)
KX 80 R1 91(Limited Information)
KX 80 R2 92(Limited Information)
KX 80 R3/R4/R5/R6 93-96(Limited Information)
KX 80 R7 97-00(Limited Information)
KX 80 T1 (Big Wheel) 91(Limited Information)
KX 80 T2 (Big Wheel) 92(Limited Information)
KX 80 T3/T4/T5/T6 (Big Wheel) 93-96(Limited Information)
KX 80 W1/W2 98-99(Limited Information)
KX 80 W3 00(Limited Information)
KX 85/85-2 A1-A5-A5 01-05(Limited Information)
KX 85/85-2 A6F/A7F/A8F 06-08(No Information Yet)
KX 85/85-2 B1-B5 Big Wheel 01-05(Limited Information)
KX 85/85-2 B6F/B7F 06-07(Limited Information)
KX 85/85-2 B8F 08(Limited Information)
KX 85-I A9F 09(Limited Information)
KX 85-I AAF 10(Limited Information)
KX 85-I ABF 11(No Information Yet)
KX 85-I ACF/ADF 12-13(No Information Yet)
KX 85-I CEF 14(No Information Yet)
KX 85-I CFF 15(No Information Yet)
KX 85-I CGF 16(No Information Yet)
KX 85-II B9F 09(Limited Information)
KX 85-II BAF 10(Limited Information)
KX 85-II BBF 11(No Information Yet)
KX 85-II BCF/BDF 12-13(No Information Yet)
KX 85-II DEF 14(No Information Yet)
KX 85-II DFF 15(No Information Yet)
KX 85-II DGF 16(No Information Yet)
G3SS 69-70
KXF 90 (KSF 90 A7F/A8F) 07-08(No Information Yet)
KC 100 C1-C4 80-83
KE 100 A10 81-82
KE 100 A7-A9 79-81
KE 100 B1-B20 82-01(Limited Information)
KE 100 B1-B20 (US Market) 82-01(No Information Yet)
KH 100 A2-A4 78-81(Limited Information)
KH 100 G2/G3 81-83(Limited Information)
KH 100 G4 83(Limited Information)
KH 100 G5/G6 (EX) 84-85
KH 100 G7/G8 (EX) 86-87
KM 100 A4-A6 78-81
KM 100 A4-A6 (US Market) 78-81(No Information Yet)
KX 100 A1 89(Limited Information)
KX 100 A2 90(Limited Information)
KX 100 B1 91(Limited Information)
KX 100 B2-B4 92-94(Limited Information)
KX 100 B5-B6 95-96(No Information Yet)
KX 100 B7 97(Limited Information)
KX 100 B7 (US Market) 97(No Information Yet)
KX 100 C1 98(Limited Information)
KX 100 C2 99(Limited Information)
KX 100 C2 (US Market) 99(No Information Yet)
KX 100 C3 00(Limited Information)
KX 100 N1 88(Limited Information)
Max 100 90-98(Limited Information)
AN110 Kaser 00-02(Limited Information)
KLF 110 B1-B2 Mojave 87-88(Limited Information)
KLX 110 CAF/CBF/CCF 10-12(No Information Yet)
KLX 110 CGF 16(No Information Yet)
KLX 110 DAF/DBF/DCF 10-12(No Information Yet)
KLX 110 R A6F/A7F/A8F/A9F 06-09(Limited Information)
KLX 110 R (KLX 110 A1) 02(Limited Information)
KLX 110 R (KLX A2/A3) 03-05(Limited Information)
Kaze-R 115 (Greek Market) 00(Limited Information)
Kaze-R 115 (Greek Market) 04(No Information Yet)
AR 125 A1-A3/B1-B3 82-85(Limited Information)
AR 125 A4-A7/B4-B7 86-93(Limited Information)
AR 125 B8 94(Limited Information)
BN 125 A1/A2 Eliminator 98-99
BN 125 A3-A8 Eliminator 00-05
BN 125 A6F/A7F Eliminator 06-07
KDX 125 A1/B1 90-92
KDX 125 A2/B2 91-94(Limited Information)
KE 125 A4-A6 76-79
KE 125 A7-A8 80-81
KE 125 A9-A12 82-87
KH 125 A1-A4 77-81
KH 125 K1 82(Limited Information)
KH 125 K2-K6 83-91
KH 125 K7-K10 92-98
KH 125 L1 (EX) 84
KLX 125 CAF 10(Limited Information)
KLX 125 CBF 11(No Information Yet)
KLX 125 CCF 12(No Information Yet)
KLX 125 CDF 13(No Information Yet)
KLX 125 CEF 14(No Information Yet)
KLX 125 CFF 15-16(No Information Yet)
KLX 125 D-Tracker 10(Limited Information)
KLX 125 D-Tracker 11(No Information Yet)
KLX 125 D-Tracker 12(No Information Yet)
KLX 125 D-Tracker 13(No Information Yet)
KMX 125 A1/A2 86-87
KMX 125 A3/A4/A5 88-89
KMX 125 B10-B12 99-03(Limited Information)
KMX 125 B1/B2 (From E/No-MX 125 AE 000001-013436) 86-87(Limited Information)
KMX 125 B2-B9 ( FromE/No MX AE 013437) 87-98(Limited Information)
KX 125 A4-A5 78-79(No Information Yet)
KX 125 A6 80(Limited Information)
KX 125 A7 81(Limited Information)
KX 125 B1 82(Limited Information)
KX 125 B2 83(Limited Information)
KX 125 C1 84(Limited Information)
KX 125 D1 85(Limited Information)
KX 125 E1 86(Limited Information)
KX 125 E2 87(Limited Information)
KX 125 F1 88(Limited Information)
KX 125 G1 89(Limited Information)
KX 125 H1 90(Limited Information)
KX 125 H2 91(Limited Information)
KX 125 J1 92(Limited Information)
KX 125 J2 93(Limited Information)
KX 125 K1 94(Limited Information)
KX 125 K2 95(Limited Information)
KX 125 K3 96(Limited Information)
KX 125 K4 97(Limited Information)
KX 125 K5 98(Limited Information)
KX 125 L1 99(Limited Information)
KX 125 L1 (US Market) 99(No Information Yet)
KX 125 L2 00(Limited Information)
KX 125 L3 01(Limited Information)
KX 125 L4 02(Limited Information)
KX 125 M1 03(Limited Information)
KX 125 M2 04
KX 125 M3 05(No Information Yet)
KX 125 M6F/M7F 06-07
KX 125 M8F 08(Limited Information)
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