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Chinese Motorcycle
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0 - 125cc 126 - 250cc
0 - 125cc
Direct Bikes JL50QT-5 05-10(No Information Yet)
Direct Bikes JL50QT-6 05-10(No Information Yet)
Direct Bikes JL50QT-7 05-10(No Information Yet)
Engine 139QMB GY6 (50cc 4T Scooter) 05-11
Engine 1E40QMA (50cc 2T Scooter) 96-06(Limited Information)
Engine 1PE40QMB (50 cc Minarelli - Yamaha) 00-11(No Information Yet)
Escoota E1 (Electric Scooter) 10-11
Giantco Sprint City 50 (50cc) 04-09(No Information Yet)
Giantco Sprint Sport 50 (50cc) 04-09(Limited Information)
Guoben Madness 50 LB50QT-21 08(No Information Yet)
Haizhimeng GP1 4T HZM50QT-16 05-10(No Information Yet)
Haizhimeng LB50QT-21 05-10(No Information Yet)
Hanglong LB50QT-21 08(No Information Yet)
JMSTAR JSD50QT-13 05-10(No Information Yet)
Jonway Agility 50 YY50QT-6 09-11(No Information Yet)
Kinroad Xintian XT50 Q Custom Cruiser 04-09
Kinroad XT 50 QT (50cc) Scooter 04-09(Limited Information)
Leike LK50GY-2 09(No Information Yet)
Lexmoto Flash 50 ZN50QT-15A 05-10(Limited Information)
Lexmoto Molly 50 DFE50QT-3 10(Limited Information)
Lexmoto Tommy 50 ZN50QT-A 05-10(Limited Information)
Lexmoto Tommy II ZN50QT-E 05-10(Limited Information)
Lexmoto Tornado 50 SB50QT-16(B08) 05-10(Limited Information)
Lifan Jet 50 LF50QT-2A 05-10(No Information Yet)
Lifan Jet 50 LF50QT-2A 06-09
Lifan LF50QGY Monkey 50 Classic 05-09(Limited Information)
Lifan LF50QT-15 06-09(No Information Yet)
Lifan LF50QT-8A 06-09(No Information Yet)
Lifan Smart 50 07-10(No Information Yet)
Lingben LB50QT-21 05-10(No Information Yet)
Qingqi QM50QT-6A (50cc) 06-09
Quigqi QM50QT-2 10(No Information Yet)
Rex RS450 05-10(No Information Yet)
Sanben Tornado 50 SB50QT-16(B08) 05-10
Skygo Top 1 SG50QT-2A 05-10(Limited Information)
Skygo Urban SG50QT-2A 05-10(No Information Yet)
Sonik Sky Jet YH50QT-E 08-10
Sukida Lutetia SK50QT-19 04-09(Limited Information)
Sukida Roma SK50QT-9 05-10(Limited Information)
Sukida Sportman 2 4T SK50QT-21-SM 05-10(No Information Yet)
Sukida Top 1 SK50QT 05-10(Limited Information)
Sukida Viper 50 SK50QT-21 05-10(No Information Yet)
Tamoretti RETRO 50 05-10(No Information Yet)
Wangye WY50QT-16 05-10(No Information Yet)
Wangye WY50QT-16(B08) 05-10(No Information Yet)
Xingyue Phoenix 50 LLX50QT 05-10(No Information Yet)
Yamati GP1 4T HZM50QT-16 05-10(No Information Yet)
Yiben Hurricane 50 YB50QT-9 07-10
Yiben Scout 50 YB50QT-3 08 >(Limited Information)
Yiben Storm 50 YB50QT-6 04-09(Limited Information)
Yiying YY50QT (50cc) 04-09(Limited Information)
Zennco Matrix WY50QT-16 05-10(No Information Yet)
Znen Tommy 50 ZN50QT-A 05-10(Limited Information)
Znen ZN50QT-11 05-10(No Information Yet)
Znen ZN50QT-30A 14(No Information Yet)
Lifan LF-100 5 03-07(No Information Yet)
Lifan LF-100 A 06-08(Limited Information)
Qingqi QM 100 T (100cc) 04-09(No Information Yet)
Lifan LF110GY-3 Monkey (Dax) 09-10
Baimo Renegade 125 03-07
Dafier DFE125-8A 08-10
Direct Bikes JL125T-13 05-10(No Information Yet)
Direct Bikes SPORTS SCOOTER JL125T-13 05-10(No Information Yet)
Engine 154FMI 14(No Information Yet)
Engine 157FMI Honda CG125 based 02-11
Engine 244FMI 125cc Twin 00-10
Engine K157FMI Suzuki 125 based (GY-2B and others) 02-11
Giantco Prince HY150N ( 125 cc ) 05-
GRIP Freestyle HT125T-25 (125cc) 05-10(No Information Yet)
Haotian Arrow HT125-4F 09-11
Haotian Cobra 125 HT125T-4 05-10(No Information Yet)
Haotian Vixen HT125-8 07-11(No Information Yet)
Huoniao HN125-8 (Limited Information)
Jianshe JS125-6C 14(No Information Yet)
JL125T-13 (125cc) 04-09(No Information Yet)
Jonway Adventure 125 YY125T-12 05-10(No Information Yet)
JS125-6H 14(No Information Yet)
Kaisar Courageous KS125GY-3A 08-10
Kaisar Destiny KS125-3 07-10
Kaisar XTR125 04-09
Kaisar XTR125 KS125-23 08-10
Kinroad Cyclone XT125-16 05-10
Kinroad Explorer XT125GY 05-10
Kinroad Typhoon XT125-18 06-10(Limited Information)
Kinroad XT 125 T (125cc) Scooter 04-09(No Information Yet)
Lexmoto Arrow HT125-4F 09-11
Lexmoto Gladiator 125 SB125T-23B 05-10(No Information Yet)
Lexmoto LSM STR125YB 08-11(Limited Information)
Lexmoto Street DFE125-8A 08-11
Lexmoto Texan JL125-11 05-10
Lexmoto Tornado 125 SB125T-21(B08) 05-10(No Information Yet)
Lexmoto Vixen HT125-8 07-11(Limited Information)
Lexmoto XTR125 KS125-23 04-09
Lexmoto XTR S 125 KS125-24 156FMI 09-10(No Information Yet)
Lexmoto XTR S 125 KS125-24 158FMI 11(No Information Yet)
Lexmoto ZS125-30 Arizona 09-11
Lexmoto ZS125-50 Ranger 09-11(Limited Information)
Lifan Arizona LF125-14F 07-11
Lifan City X LF125-J 07-11(Limited Information)
Lifan Earth Dragon LF125GY-3 07-11
Lifan Heritage LF125-14F 07-11(No Information Yet)
Lifan LF-125 3A 03-08(Limited Information)
Lifan LF 125 T (125cc) 06-11(Limited Information)
Lifan Samurai LF125-30 06-11
Lifan Smart 125 08-11(No Information Yet)
Lifan Sprint LF125-30 06-11
Lifan Trailblazer LF125GY-6 06-10
Longjia Alien 125 LJ125T-A 05-10(No Information Yet)
NKT 125 Grom MSX Copy - Automatic Clutch 14-15
Pioneer Nevada XF125L-4B 07-10
Pioneer Torro XF125L-4B 07-10
Qingqi QM125-2C 10(No Information Yet)
Qingqi QM125GY-2B 14(No Information Yet)
Qingqi QM125GY-2B Supermoto 08(No Information Yet)
Qingqi QM125GY-2B Supermoto 09(No Information Yet)
Qingqi QM125GY-2B Supermoto 10(No Information Yet)
Qingqi QM125GY-2B Supermoto 11(No Information Yet)
Qingqi QM125GY-2B Supermoto (Rear Drum Brake) 07(No Information Yet)
Qingqi QM 125 T Scooter (125cc) 04-09(Limited Information)
Quinqi QM125-2D 10(No Information Yet)
Quinqi QM125T-10R 14(No Information Yet)
Quinqi Tracker QM125GY-2D 13(No Information Yet)
Sanben Gladiator 125 SB125T-23 06-07(No Information Yet)
Sanben Gladiator 125 SB125T-23B 05-10(No Information Yet)
Sanben Tornado 125 SB125-21(B08) 05-10(No Information Yet)
Sanben Tornado 125 SB125-B08 06-07(No Information Yet)
Sanben Zoom 125 SB125-B09 06-07(No Information Yet)
Shineray XY125GY-5E 11(Limited Information)
Skygo Heritage SG125-14F 07-11
Skygo Sprint SG125-30 06-11
Skygo Titan SG125-J 07-11
Skygo Trailblazer SG125GY-6 06-10
Skyjet F5 125 T-23 04-09
Skyteam ST 125 SM 05-11(No Information Yet)
Sukida Commander SK125T-18 05-10(No Information Yet)
Sukida Patriot SK125-5 10-11
Sukida SK125GY-A Crosser 06-10
Sukida SK 125 T18 (125cc Scooter) 04-09(Limited Information)
Sukida SK 125 T21 (125cc Scooter) 04-09(Limited Information)
Sukida SK200 GY-A Crosser 06-08
Sukida Sportman 2 SK125T-21-SM 05-10(No Information Yet)
Sukida Viper 125 SK125T-21 05-10(No Information Yet)
Wangye WY125-B08 05-10(No Information Yet)
Wangye WY125-B09 05-10(No Information Yet)
Wangye WY125T-21(B08) 05-10(No Information Yet)
Wangye WY125 T-23A 04-09(No Information Yet)
Wangye WY125 T-23B 04-09(No Information Yet)
Wuyang WY125-12 06-08(Limited Information)
Wuyang WY125-16C 06-08
Wuyang WY125-24B 06-08
Wuyang WY125-GY2 06-08(Limited Information)
XGJAO 125-23 04-09
Yiben YB 125 T-15 (125cc) 07 >(Limited Information)
Yiben YB 125 T-22 (125cc) 04-09
Yiying / Benzhou YY125T-19 Tommy 08-10
Yiying / Benzhou YY125T-6 08-10
Yuan Renegade XGJ125-23 04-09
Zennco Bullet DFE125-8A 08-11
Znen Tommy ZN125T-E 07-09(No Information Yet)
Znen Tommy ZN125T-K 07-09(No Information Yet)
Znen ZN125T-22 14(No Information Yet)
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