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0 - 125cc 501 - 750cc 126 - 250cc 251 - 500cc
0 - 125cc
B40 Sports Star 90 (SS90) 62-65(Limited Information)
B40 Star 63-64(Limited Information)
B40 Star 65-66(Limited Information)
B40 WD 66-72(Limited Information)
B31 49-53(Limited Information)
B31 54-59(Limited Information)
B31 Rigid 45-48(Limited Information)
B32 45-54(Limited Information)
B32 55-62(Limited Information)
B44 65-70(Limited Information)
A50 1R Royal Star 65-70(Limited Information)
A50C Cyclone 64-65(Limited Information)
A50 Star Twin 61-65(Limited Information)
A50W Wasp 69-71(Limited Information)
B50 70-71(Limited Information)
Gold Star (Unit) 500 70-71(Limited Information)
Victor 500 64-71(Limited Information)
A7 55(Limited Information)
A7 56-57(Limited Information)
A7 58-62(Limited Information)
A7 (Plunger Frame) 47-54(Limited Information)
A7 (Rigid Frame) 47-54(Limited Information)
B33 46-53(Limited Information)
B33 54-60(Limited Information)
B34 50-54(Limited Information)
B34 55-62(Limited Information)
CB, DB, DBD34 Gold Star 54-62(Limited Information)
M20 37-53(Limited Information)
M20 54-56(Limited Information)
M33 53-57(Limited Information)
M33 54-57(Limited Information)
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